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Our watchwords are creativity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit, and we strive to do better every day in a spirit of constant progress.

We believe that the growth of V2D Lingerie is intrinsically linked to the growth of our staff, and that collaboration and flexibility are the drivers of team innovation. We value talent, diversity and personality, and recognise that the hard work and initiative shown by our staff make it possible for us to achieve our objectives.

We act responsibly and invest in the future. Our staff, products, customers and planet are at the heart of our strategy.

We are constantly evolving and believe that simple actions can have a big impact.


IT trainee

Reporting to the IT director, you will help with the day-to-day management of 60 Windows computers and servers.

Main responsibilities:
• Helping users with their IT problems: malfunctions, slow running, etc.
• Managing the deployment of Microsoft updates on all workstations
• Removing any non-business software from client workstations
• Resetting laptop and desktop computers so they can be recycled by charities and schools
• Creating templates, macros, etc. in Word and Excel
• Computer inventories

You are…
Preparing for your Baccalaureate (or equivalent), vocational training certificate, technology degree or vocational degree with IT specialisation.

Attentive to detail, thorough and able to work independently.

You are familiar with…

• Windows 7 & 10 Pro
• The Microsoft Office suite
• How computers interface with a corporate network

1-2 month work placement.