CSR / Social commitment

We attach great importance to actively supporting associations and
partners committed to causes that are deeply dear to our hearts.

We are fully invested in crucial areas such as prevention and
research for women's health, the preservation of biodiversity (in particular
protection of pollinators and reforestation), related issues
to water as well as encouraging acts of generosity through solidarity donations.

Discover our concrete actions:

Pink Ribbon


Since 2016, the Steffy brand has been involved in the creation of lines designed and dedicated to
benefit of the RUBAN Rose association.

For each dedicated set purchased, €1 is donated to help research in the fight against breast cancer.

Reforest Action


Since 2019, the Steffy brand has been involved in 3 planting, regeneration or forest protection programs. We contribute to concretely responding to climate and biodiversity issues, by associating local socio-economic issues.

See our plantations

A roof for the bees


Since 2021, V2D Lingerie has committed to sponsoring 80,000 bees with its Steffy brand and therefore participates in the preservation and development of colonies on French territory.

Sponsorships give an additional chance of survival to this essential
insect: the phenomena of weakening and disappearance are not uniform, both from a global point of view and on a regional level, without
we know how to predict where they will appear or explain the reasons.

Discover our 2 partner beekeepers

Water family


Since 2023, V2D Lingerie has made a commitment to collaborate with the Waterfamily association, recognized as a public utility, to support initiatives aimed at promoting water protection.

As part of this partnership, we trained 15 people from the company in Module 3 (Sobriety

At the same time, we financed 8 educational programs for schools, focused on water-related issues, in order to raise awareness among the younger generation of this essential cause.

Solidarity donations

Each year, we choose to donate several thousand lingerie products to the Dons solidaires association, which then redistributes them to the most deprived.