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V2D Lingerie - Certification REACH

Product safety

V2D Lingerie has always tested its materials in certified laboratories, in accordance with European REACH regulations.

Our materials are only validated after having followed a series of physical and chemical tests (dimensional stability, pilling test, chemical compounds, heavy metals, etc.)

100% of our collections comply with REACH regulations.

V2D Lingerie has decided to go beyond

regulatory constraints by subjecting the collections to rigorous tests, supported by OEKOTEX certification.



The Œko-Tex Standard 100 label is an independent and voluntary international label which guarantees the safety of textiles or products used during the production process, for Humans (workers or consumers) and the Environment .

It ensures the production of materials or finished products free of toxic substances.

Today 82% of collections are OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified.

And tomorrow ?
V2D Lingerie aims for 100% of collections to be OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified in 2025 because ecological labels and certifications are an exemplary promise of quality and consumer protection.

And in 2030?
Our goal is Made in Green certification.

Our commitment to materials that are better for the environment

In a world where the textile industry is often singled out for its significant environmental impact, we have chosen to take concrete measures.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is demonstrated
in our collections, where we decided to opt for the following approach:

Recycled materials

In our concrete actions, we are proud to present 11 lines designed from recycled materials for the year 2023.

We do everything we can to maximize
the use of these recycled materials in our collections.

And in 2025, we are aiming for 25 lines.

Dyeing and printing

We have taken the initiative to explore more sustainable alternatives for our textile dyes and prints.

Our research and development approach aims to integrate vegetable textile dyes into our product ranges. We are currently in a testing period.

We also decided to prioritize
the digital printing technique because it consumes less water.


V2D Lingerie is in compliance with the Anti-Waste law for an Economy
Circular (AGEC).

CITEO - FR212406_01XBDF
Refashion - FR212406_11AMKO

This legislation, designed to promote sustainability and waste reduction, is an integral part of our commitment.

In this logic, we are helped by TraceforGood to ensure the traceability of
our supply chain.

Trace for good

Trace For Good is the traceability and social and environmental data management software that allows retail brands to collaborate with their suppliers from a single source of information.

See the traceability of our products
Atelier de réparation V2D Lingerie


Why throw away when you can repair?

By getting involved in the durability of our products, we have set up a repair service in our sewing workshop in Wattrelos (France).

1593 parts were repaired in 2023.


Our products, during transport and then during storage, are subject to various constraints: humidity, dust, shocks, etc.

In order to protect them, packaging is necessary. The majority of our products are packaged in plastic bags from their manufacturing areas
to the stores.

We are looking for alternative solutions to reduce the use of plastic.

“Polybags” or packaging bags

We first reworked on the packaging methods of our products, grouping the products by assortment when possible before packaging. This method will gradually be generalized to all families of products which can be packaged in this way.

Furthermore, we have worked on the material, density and printing of our polybags. They are now made of 4 micron low density polyethylene and we have chosen to no longer use ink to print our bags in order to drastically reduce the production of new plastics and no longer use solvent ink.

Our goal is to continue to seek innovative solutions to reduce our impact on 100% of collections.


A lingerie product is often associated with a hanger. We looked for new alternatives to use recycled materials.

Today all collections
Steffy and MORGAN use hangers made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Our goal is to have 100% of our collections made from recycled hangers by 2025.


Permanent furniture and PEFC boxes

Products sold in the form of cardboard event boxes have been replaced by permanent furniture.

When durable furniture cannot be integrated into stores, the products are delivered in PEFC cardboard boxes.

Care labels

In order to promote the sustainability of our lingerie and swimwear pieces, we have thought of every detail, including our "satin labels".

We've incorporated insightful information for our consumers, guiding them on the best way to care for and extend the life of their favorite items.

Carbon footprint

We are fully aware of the critical importance of understanding the environmental impact of our activities.

This is why we are committed to carrying out an exhaustive carbon footprint on all of our processes in 2025.

This project is much more than just an initiative for us; it is a fundamental step in our approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility.